Men's Dating Guidelines
Ya know, we don't have to screw up gentlemen. All it takes is some attention to detail, and a little basic knowledge of the dating 'Dos and Don'ts.'

To see your eyes and taste your lips,
To see your face and touch your hips.

To feel your warmth, to see your smile,
To love you deeply and watch you leave.

To know the pain of separation and sadness,
To sleep alone with just the memories.

Baseball, Mom & Wedding Cake
One day you're eight years old, playing catch in your backyard with your best friend, the next you're listening to him on your answering machine telling you he's engaged. Yes, the same guy who wanted nothing to do with girls in the fourth grade because they couldn't throw a baseball in a straight line is now about to share the rest of his life with one...

Nelson Mandela and Graca Machel
After spending almost 30 years in a South African prison, struggling through the end of a long and bittersweet marriage to Winnie Mandela, and becoming president of the country that imprisoned him, this 20th century hero found true love at the age of 81.

A Love Letter By Frances Anne Kemble
Having loved you well enough to give you my life when it was best work giving --having made you the center of all my hopes of earthly happiness -- having never loved any human being as I have loved you, you can never be to me like any other human being, and it is utterly impossible that I should ever regard you with indifference.

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