What Is Romance?
ROMANCE itself--being the expression of Love--is, in fact, a celebration. Romance is not a chore, a responsibility or something imposed on you from outside. Romance is a celebration of the life you live as part of a couple. It springs naturally and joy fully from the inside of you...if you will give it access to your creative energies..... Romance is the appreciation of two people who are celebrating the lucky coincidence that they found each other.

If Men Had Their Way...
  • Any fake phone number a girl gave you would automatically forward your call to her real number.
  • Nodding and looking at your watch would be deemed an acceptable response To 'I love you.'
  • Hallmark would make 'Sorry, what was your name again?' cards.
  • When your girlfriend really needed to talk to you during the game, she'd appear in a little box in the corner of the screen during a time-out.


On Love
Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself.
Love possesses not nor would it be possessed;
For love is sufficient unto love.

International Sex
  • Russians are the world's most sexually active women but the Spanish have the most orgasms, according to a global sex survey released Friday.
  • French women take the initiative in bed while the Japanese are most reticent, said the glossy women's magazine Cosmopolitan when revealing the results of a questionnaire sent to readers around the world.
  • Germans topped the poll for having the most male partners -- an average of 11 compared to Taiwan with two.


Love Arm'd
by Aphra Behn

Love in Fantastique Triumph sat,
Whilst bleeding Hearts around him flow'd,
For whom Fresh pains he did create,
And strange Tryanic power he show'd;
From thy Bright Eyes he took his fire,


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