About Love
Energy and love are a lot alike. In fact, love is a form of spiritual energy that can be generated and received in mental, physical or emotional forms. Just like energy, love can come from many sources and can be used in many ways. For example, your car generates kinetic energy when it is moving. The headlights use electrical energy to produce radiant energy when they shine. A compressed spring stores energy, and there's even energy in your car's heated and air-conditioned air. Your car's energy can be used in positive ways like driving a friend to the airport, or in negative, destructive ways like crashing through a wall into someone's living room. Your car can even give energy to and receive energy from another vehicle, like when a truck pulls a trailer.

If Men Had Their Way...
  • Any fake phone number a girl gave you would automatically forward your call to her real number.
  • Nodding and looking at your watch would be deemed an acceptable response To 'I love you.'
  • Hallmark would make 'Sorry, what was your name again?' cards.
  • When your girlfriend really needed to talk to you during the game, she'd appear in a little box in the corner of the screen during a time-out.


Lost Love
i looked at the stars so bright,
as i silently cursed the night.
my vision blurred as tears fall.
why did i believe i was in control?

Dating and the Single Parent
Dating as a single parent is an interesting and complex topic that single parents, at one time or another, face either with trembling trepidation or heartfelt joy.

Single parents, regardless of the circumstances surrounding their 'singlehood', do not want to spend their time alone in the world. The question then becomes: what are the rules and regulations of dating and when do they bring the children into the mix.

Right On My Head
Last year I was planning to take my boyfriend out to dinner, and I was so excited because it was going to be so perfect and he loved to spend time with me. So we got to the restaurant, and we talked for a little while, and then we ordered dinner. Well I was nervous eating around him, and so I stopped eating , and started talking about stuff.

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